Strategic Academic Action Plan 

Designed to ensure student's success from the moment they begin their studies until they take thier board licensing exam 


The president of Adoni Health Institute  formed the strategic planning task force in June 2012 with the  goal of formalizing a strategic academic action plan


Members of the task force included:

  • The Director of Program and the Faculty Members

  • Nurse Education Consultant

  •  Presidents of Student body and President of the Adoni Alumni .


The primary goal of the task force include:

  • ...gathering data to  identify areas of deficiency in the school academic program

  • appropriate action plan for correctio


What makes us unique?


  • You are never alone


  • Adoni will work with you step-by-step from admission till your NCLEX dat

Action Plan was designed and  Implementation started  in September 2012

The Goal of the Action Plan Include:

  • To increase NCLEX pass rate 
  • To increase enrollment, retention and graduation rate 
  • To produce high quality nurses that are well equipped in modern day nursing practice
  • To build solid foundation for students who need to advance  to post-graduate nursing program


Implementation of Action Plan include:  

Integrating The Latest NCLEX  Test Plan to Adoni Curriculum 



  • NCLEX test plan include 2 components: 


The Client Needs: has been incorporated in our core nursing courses  


The integrated process component: Nursing Process, Caring, Communication and Teaching- These were integrated throughout the Adoni Institute's curriculum


Advanced Nursing Concepts  is a  course designed to review  all the four major categories of  NCLEX test plan and set the stage for our student to transit from student nurse  to practicing  nurse 


  • Faculty  utilizes latest NLCEX style test plan to develop question banks for student testing and evaluation. 


  • The question bank include: multiple choice, alternate format questions such as fill-in-the-blanks; identifying hot spots;  multiple responses; charts and exhibit; graphs, sound and video


  • Students become familar with NCLEX questions before taking the exam 


Integrating latest NCLEX style Question into the Adoni Question Bank 



The Intervention Plan include: 

  • Purchase of a high fidelity patient simulator that behaves like real patient 


  • Computerized patient monitoring attached to  patient simulator 


  • Real ventilator machine for oxygen administration 


  • Hospital environment where nurses practice hand-on  before going to clinical 



Establish  Standardized Skill Lab that Simulate Real Hospital Environment  


Enhance Educational Technology Delivery: 

The Intervention Plan Include: 

  • Purchase of smart board to deliver seamless lectures that promote student understanding of topics and participation 


  • Virtual  Clinical Tools that promotes student critical thinking ability 


  • Dedicated instructors with experience in utilizing technology based innovative  teaching 

Remediation Plan  


  • Early intervention program for student at risk of failing: 


  • The remediation  designed for student failing in the program and need help 


  • Identification of students'  areas of academic weakness and design appropriate intervention  


  • No extra fee is charged for the remediation plan 


  • An instructor will be assigned  to assist the student during the remediation period   

Statistics Shows that Adoni 2015 NCLEX Result is above national average and one of the best in State of Delaware......


Where are we on the action plan : 

First Graduates From Action Plan Acheived 


   NCLEX Pass Rate in                 2014

Second Graduates From Action Plan  Acheived 


   NCLEX Pass Rate in               2015

Current Graduates Achieved 


NCLEX Pass Rate in 

 first and second quarter of 2016

Employment Rate


employed within 2 months of Passing Board Exam  


Employer Survey 



Job Satisfaction of our graduates in 2015


What is Next ?

  • To continue to maintain excellent NCLEX  pass rate 

  • To build solid foundation for student in their future professional  career and post graduate program 
  • To continue to maintain strong commitment to student success 
  • Excellence, respect  and Integrity will continue to be our Priority
  • To continue to attract and retain excellent and dedicated instructor  that are up-to-date with latest NCLEX detailed test plan 
  • To continue  to promote innovative and creative learning that will support student success