The mission of Adoni is to provide an enriching environment in which students are facilitated to fulfill their educational goals as related to the healthcare profession through innovative programs. The curriculum includes classroom instruction, laboratory practicum, and clinical rotation which gives the students real life exprience to furhter reinforce their success


The guiding principles of Adoni Institute that reflect the values and philosophy of our mission are: 


  • Dignity: Create an environment in which individuals are valued and  respected
  • DiversityEmbrace individualism, unique characteristics, beliefs, culture and values
  • Integrity: Adhere to a strict moral and ethical code in professional practices
  • ExcellenceCommit by virtue of professional standards to maintain the highest level of performance in the healthcare and educational sector


Adoni Health Institute envisions a learning environment that is progressive, well maintained and incorparate innovative technology. 


The School serves as an important resources for local healthcare providers, and is viewed as a first option for the less privilaged individual seeking a viable career path.


Adoni Institute will set the foundation for a lifelong learning by incorporating theory and skill development with academic proficiency to develop each student's potential.




Physiological, psychological and socio-cultural components are the core foundation of an individual progressing through the life cycle on a health-illness continuum.


Adoni Health Institute  believes that knowledge is power and education is a process of unlocking that power in individuals, which results in positive changes and the continuing development of humankind.


Adoni Health Institute offers a conducive and stimulating environment that brings about creativity and motivation for learning

Equal Opportunity 

Adoni Health Institute recognizes human diversity as a measure of quality and excellence within an educational institution.


Students and employee of different ages, races, ethnic and educational backgrounds are welcome in our school.


Diversity adds a rich dimension to the education and experience of all students. In this respect  Adoni will not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, religion, color, disability, race or national origin in any of our activities






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Strategic Plans:

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