Virtual Clinical Excursions

  • These are software/workbook program that create virtual clinical environment in which students gain experience in critical thinking and decision-making that can be utilized during clinical rotation


  • Is an online program that guides the students through a virtual hospital where the patients are real and their health condition constatnly changing 


Simulations | Simulation Learning System | Nursing and  


Evidence-based scenarios,  compter based learning skill, and teaching support for each step of simulation.

Adoni Health Institute  provides a coordinated range of academic support, featuring multidisciplinary and multifunctional teaching and learning resources that provide the students with opportunities for self directed and facilitated learning utilizing the latest in educational technology.


The objective is to assist students in the development of their cognitive, psychomotor, and critical thinking skills, essential to best practice as a nurse by providing essential resources that support the instructional and clinical components of the nursing curriculum.


Learning Made Easy 

Essential Components of Learning Resources Include:


      The Classroom setting 

  • Computer with learning software 

  • Smart board interactive whiteboard 

  • Internet Access 

  • Audiovisual Learning software 


      Computer-Assisted learning- 

  • Computers located in computer lab equipped with software learning program 

  •  Complete web base learning and powerpoint for student presentation and classwork 


    Audio-visual Material

  • Audiovisual series currently available include: 

  • Simulation Learning Resources -which allows integration of various clinical simulations into the laboratory  skill modules 


Clinical Education 


Students are prepared for the professional practice of nursing in a variety of clinical settings which include hospitals, home care agencies, community-based health care facilities, nursing home, doctor's clinic and primary health care center 


These facilities  provide students with a broad and diverse exposure to nursing, multicultural health practices, and state-of-the-art nursing care environment


Close supervision of students is maintained, usually with minmum of 2  and maximum of 8 Students in a clinical group


Nursing Skill  Laboratory 


The nursing skills laboratory is designed to create a learning environment that simulates the clinical nursing environment in a supportive and non-threatening atmosphere. 



Technical Skills 

The lab allows students to practice technical skills and establish a level of competency prior to clinical experience.


The nursing skills lab is open five days a week for students to practice technical skills needed in the nursing program



Nursing Skills Faculty 

Knowledgeable faculty, most of whom currently work in the acute care setting, are available to assist and guide students as needed with skills acquisition and practice.


It will prepare students for real life experiences through scenario-based patient care simulation. 


Manikins, models and other equipment provide a non-threatening, hands-on learning environment for skill acquisition.  


Electronic Health Record


Most health care facilities are going paperless so does Adoni to keep the student abreast of latest technology in health care documentation 


At the core of our skill lab is a fully functional electronic health care records pre-populated with patient inforamation in relation to each patient case scenerios 


Providing skill lab with full hospital simulation enable the students practice hand-on before the actual clinical rotation 

Nclex Review Class: 

After graduation Adoni offers NCLEX review program for our graduate so you are not alone 


With our expert intructors and comprehensive resources will guide you every step of the way till the date of your NCLEX exam entrusting the confidence you need. 


This is one very unique feature of Adoni Institute offered free for all our graduates

We continously update our resources with the current NCLEX test plan focusing on critical thinking and most important core content of the NCLEX Board exam  


Students will be exposed to series of NCLEX style question with detailed retionale 


Thanks to our NLCEX Review classes check out the performance  of the graduates of Adoni Institute in the recent NCLEX exam ...........