The Academic  Governing Body

As delegated by the Board of Director and by virtual of professional preparation, experience and commitment to teaching and learning is responsible for the academic matters such as curriculum development, policy and procedure for administration of the program in accordance with school missions and applicable federal and state regulatory agencies. 


The Board of Director

Adoni Health Institute's Board of Directors has the ultimate fiduciary responsibity for the school. Consist of 7 members and  granted the final authority of the School


Members are selected by the school stakeholders by virtue of their acheivement, scholarship, business related experience and contribution to the community 


Members include Medical Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, Clergy, Community leader, academic experts 


  • Organizing Framework

The organizing frame work of the school is under the guidance of the school's governing bodies  which formulate polices and ensure the mission statement of the school is achieved.


  • The Governing Bodies are divided into four entities: 
    • The Board of Directors


  • The Administrative Body


  • Academic Governing Body


  • Student  Body Government 

The Student Body Council 


Made of the class officials which include: 

The class president, Vice president, and class representatives 


Primary function is to act as advocate for the needs and intrest of the students to the administration and ensure students have a voice in the academic and social decision making of the school  

The Administrative body

Responsible for the selection, supervision and support for the students and faculty of the school.


The body is responsible for the day-to-day operational issues of the school, the professional development of the faculty and maintenance of safe environmen

The Basic Unit of School 


Academic Advising

Assist student resolve issues affecting their academic and provide students with educational and career counseling.  it involves ongoing and regular contact between the student and the advisor 


Student Affairs

Assist the students navigate the school understading the various school policies and procedures. Assist the students to take full advantage of school resources and opportunities


Admission office

Guide applicant on how to join Leads School Program. Evaluate and select applicants based on the school policies and procedures



Assist the studens on all financial matters as well as the administration of the school's fiscal  policies


Human resources

Help to process employment of new employee and assist in managing staff and faculty


Academic/Curriculum Committee

Standing subcommittee of the  faculty govering body

The commitee reviews and makes recommendations on proposals for adding, expanding, deleting or modifying programs and courses offered by Adoni Institute 



Strategic Action plan team 


As delegated by the president, strategic action plan committee designed, implement monitor and effect changes as deem necessary for the standardization of the school 

They continue to identify areas of deficiency in the program and design effective short and long term intervention